Medical marijuana in Arizona will not be challenged by US Supreme Court

PHOENIX — Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act will not be challenged by the U.S. Supreme Court, the American Civil Liberties Union announced.

The Dec. 11 deadline for Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to ask the Supreme Court to review the act came and went without any type of advancement.

In a statement, Emma Andersson, the ACLU’s lead attorney on White Mountain Medical Center v. Maricopa County, praised the move, saying that “medical marijuana is safe in Arizona.”

“From the beginning, Montgomery was clear about his intentions with this case: He wanted to shut down medical marijuana in Arizona and throughout the country,” the statement continued. “He spent five years in litigation, trying to use federal law as a cudgel against the will of voters in his own state and across the country.

“His effort failed.

“As he waged his futile battle in the drug war, White Mountain and Arizona’s other dispensaries continued their good work, providing crucial medicine to people with debilitating conditions. That is what Arizonans wanted when they voted for medical marijuana access in 2010.”

The White Mountain Medical Center v. Maricopa County case stemmed from a 2016 case when the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Sun City medical marijuana dispensary.

The court ruled that “federal law prohibiting marijuana does not void Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act and that the county and state should therefore allow the dispensary to continue operating.”

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